celeb sighting!

in an effort to keep anonymous, i edited this photo to block out my face but i saw taylor swift today! she was literally standing in line behind me at a local coffee shop. she was super sweet and really tall! i went there to try to do some reading for work, hence the hideous backpack strap. she quietly walked up and stood in line behind me. i recognized her right away but didn't ask her for a pic until a few people had already bothered her. i felt like a 12 year old girl asking to take a picture with her but she was so nice about it. :)

have any of you had any celeb sighting?


  1. That is so awesome! Where were you when you saw her? Pennsylvania? (Just assuming PA because that's where she's from.)

    Also, real quick question - how do you get your font to be so cute like that?

  2. Breanna,

    I used the info this link:

    i couldn't get it to work at first but then i changed the line
    selector:'#main-wrapper h3' to:


    and it worked. thanks for the comment!

  3. That's so exciting! I would have been like a little kid and asked for a pic too! And thanks Breanna for asking that question about the sig, I've been trying to change mine for awhile now, and didn't know how.

  4. M,

    i used the following link to for the siggy.