Where to begin...

Remember when you were 16 or 17 years old and were terrified to death about getting pregnant? You thought that you could get pregnant just by having foreplay. Remember in college when you actually smart enough to religiously use birth control pills but were still worried about possibly being pregnant if your period was just a little late? You did everything you could to be smart and responsible to NOT get pregnant.

Fast forward a few years and you are new a responsible adult, in a committed relationship, married even! You have full-time job and you're finally ready to have a baby. Well too f*ing bad. Mother nature has other plans for you. She wants you to chart your temperatures, pee on sticks and have strategically planned sex.

Meanwhile, EVERYONE around you is getting pregnant, WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! Some friends/coworkers are even on their 2nd or 3rd kid. You try to keep him in check but it's times like these that the little green monster comes out and . . . 

you feel like shit.

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  1. I have had the same exact thoughts, just not as well-worded. :)

  2. Saw your link while I was lurking on the bump....I'm new to blogging too and am looking forward to meeting others in a similar situation. Great post by the way!

  3. Thanks ladies! It's good to know that I'm not actually going crazy... I really appreciate the comments. :)

  4. thanks so much for saying hi - we clearly have A LOT in common (umm, perhaps even similar professions + location -- wow!

  5. yes sarah, we are both in our first year fellowship in different cities in the south. thanks for visiting my blog!