hi, i'm blog envy & i'm NOT a sex addict

Do you ever get tired of having strategically planned sex?

One time, a couple of months ago, my husband came home on his lunch break so we could have sex before I had to work that evening, just because we didn't want to miss a day of sex during our "fertile window". needless to say, it wasn't hot, sexy, passionate sex. it was more of a "let's just do this quick before either one of us is late for work." Sometimes when we are having not-so-hot sex, I think to myself, "this isn't the way i want our baby to be conceived. I want to make our baby with love and passion and spontaneity." Then I remember, we've been down that road, and it didn't work either.

I sometimes wish we could take a break from this strategically planned sex.

But I want a baby MORE.


  1. oh my Gosh, I totally know what you are saying. I wanted to conceive a baby during a night of love and passion, like everyone else gets to do! Not a quicky (so that I have time to keep my hips up for 20 mins)!
    The other night I got so bored laying around like that, I asked my husband to bring me a book. Sexy huh?

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!


  2. lol! omg this is soooo familiar! same thing happened to us this month. I knew it would be weird to tell the hubs "baby, lets have sex now! the egg has been released!" what a mood killer lol! Bought the Ovulation kit and starting peeing on the stick every morning once we were in my fertile window. So the morning the stick gave a positive reading, i quietly walked back into the bedroom and woke him up without telling him anything. And we went about it pressure free. I did tell him afterwards though.