challenge yourself

so, it's currently snowing where i live. i've been wanting to start training for the half marathon but i'm not crazy enough to run outside in the snow! i've been hearing a lot of good things about some work out videos & so i'm taking the leap & starting a 30 day challenge, jillian michael's style!

while you're supposed to do this workout 30 days straight, i think i might have to modify it a bit because of my call schedule. i won't work out the days i am on call but will work out post-call. i think that's a pretty good compromise. it'll be my "34 day challenge".

i also have heard good things about things about this "insanity work out". while it looks cheesy on the cover, i heard it kicks butt!

my plan is to do the 30 day shred followed up by insanity. we'll see how long this lasts. i tried P90x but never last longer than a few days! i want to get back to my old self, my healthier happier self who wasn't obsessed with TTC. while we will continue to TTC, i want to enjoy today.

plus, i wanna be a hot mama!


  1. ahh post-call workouts! i remember those days. but not very fondly.

    the 30 day shred is hard! even in my most inshape days i thought so. but that must mean it's effective, right :) ?

  2. sarah - i agree. the 30 day shred is no joke!