so, im in the 2ww. ugh.

i signed up for this bootcamp class, unlimited for 4 weeks. it was eh. i mean i did sweat but i think i was expecting it to be harder. i'm not in the best shape of my life but i do need a challenge. the hardest part was abs which i suck at but the rest of it was not that hard. at least i did something i guess.

currently, i'm planning a baby shower for my bff. she's due in july. i'm actually excited about planning it & not bitter, which surprises me. i'm thinking of doing a make-a-onsie station, maybe some cakepops or a balloon wreath.



  1. Just added cake pops to the things I want at my shower! It's not crazy that I have an excel spreadsheet of things like this, is it? Good for you for not letting the shower planning get you down and for having fun with it.

    Keep kicking some bootcamp butt! :)

  2. M - an excel spreadsheet is not crazy! It's a great idea! I'm such a planner so I totally get why you'd do something like that. I've never made cakepops before. Maybe I should try to make some this weekend to see how it works out before the party. :)

  3. Make-a-onsie station sounds like a great idea. I've seen of people's showers where they had this and it seemed like something everyone got involved in. Enjoy planning the baby shower!

  4. Thanks AV! I can't wait to see what we come up with.

  5. Those look like some great ideas for the baby shower! Keep kicking some butt in your boot camp. I though about doing one myself but the girl that does is a tyrant. I take her kickboxing class and almost die. I can't imagine that class of hers.