just in case?!?

so, one of my bffs is getting married!  i'm so excited for her.  she's been waiting a long time to get married and i'm ecstatic!  she's has asked me to be a bridesmaid which is such an honor.  her wedding date is set for late october.

the first thought that pops into my mind when she tells me the wedding date is, wow, if i get pregnant this month, i'd be almost term and probably won't be able to travel.  should i order a larger size bridesmaid dress just in case or will i be jinxing myself and will a larger bridesmaid dress just be another reminder about our fertility woes?  i'm not sure what to do.

i do know that we will continue to ttc even if it means missing her big day.  while i feel some tinges of guilt, i know that she'd totally understand if i did get pregnant.  at least, i think she would...


  1. Same thing happened to me, for my bff's wedding this July. I just waited until the last possible moment and ordered my dress then, when I knew I wouldn't be pregnant. And if you are pregnant, which I hope you are!, then I'm sure your friend would understand. If she really is a good friend, she wouldn't let something like that stand in the way of your friendship. But find out the latest you have to order your dress by. Usually they only need 12 weeks or so, so that would give you a better estimate on what size you would need. Never thought I'd say this to another female, but I hope you need a larger dress size!:)

  2. thanks M! yeah, i was in a wedding in novemeber that i was hoping to be pregnant for and that obviously didn't work out. i really hope i get to order a larger size! :)

  3. *november - not novemeber, hahaha

  4. Hey lady. I am new to your blog and, while I am sure you have been recommended this product before, I felt compelled to suggest in on the off chance that you had not: http://www.amazon.com/Clearblue-Easy-Fertility-Monitor/dp/B0000532QB

    I just purchased one, as my hubby (as of next month) and I plan to TTC in the early fall. The reviews are totally amazing. And, I have seen more than a few blog posts swearing by it.


    all this is grace and charm

  5. Thanks for the tip Carly! I've been using internet cheapies and getting +opk but I am getting desperate and will ask my OB/Gyn about it at my appointment in a couple of weeks.