the "i" word

today i made an appointment with my ob/gyn for next month. yesterday, after having worked 30hrs and being exhausted, i broke down and cried. i never cry. my friends joke that i'm heartless because i didn't cry at my wedding, even after my husband made the most amazing heartfelt speech at our reception. there's nothing wrong with crying, i just never do it. so when i did, my husband knew i was really down. he encouraged me to make an appointment with my doctor and promised he would accompany me to it.

so today i called. made an appointment for next month. when the receptionist asked, "what's the purpose of the appointment?" i said, "well, i want to talk to her about having difficulty conceiving." she said, "okay, infertility. thanks! see you then!"


on another note, jillian michael's 30 day shred kicks ass! it's hard. 25 minutes of working out with no breaks. i'm a little sore today but will try to work harder during my work out today. i have a lot of frustration to work out!

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