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happy valentine's day for anyone out there reading this blog still. i hope you're feeling loved today.

(i have a boston so i love this pic!)

i've been doing much better ever since i made my appointment with my ob. i feel a little more relaxed now that we have a plan in place. i'm a nicu fellow, planner is my middle name.

this weekend was beautiful. the sun was shining. i went for a run. while i was disappointed that i didn't run as long or as fast as i wanted, at least it was something. and yes, i am keeping up (mostly) with my 30 day shred. i missed one day since i've started it. i'm feeling better about myself and i think that's helpful when ttc.

yesterday, i made the following cupcakes for our valentines dinner tonight. it's salted caramel chocolate cupcakes. they are really good (if i do say so myself). below is a pic from my iphone.

i'm thinking of doing a 365 photo challenge (one photo a day). i have nikon dslr that i love but haven't been showing much attention to. we'll see. i have lots of plans (30 day shred, half marathon, 365 photo challenge, make a human baby) but who knows what i'll actually be able to follow through with!

another thing i'm working on right now is my fellow research project. today i flushed embryos out of a hamster's uterus and looked at them under a microscope. they look a little something like this:

it's so amazing how a little ball of cells turns into an entire living being!

i can't wait to have a little ball of cells in my ute.

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