the other shoe dropped

so I've been doing pretty well. dealing with planning a baby shower, accepting that my doctor's appointment will probably not be a "yay, i'm pregnant visit" but more like, "okay what's wrong with us & is there anything we can do to fix it?"

well today, against my better judgment i took a pregnancy test even though i KNOW it's too soon. (i'm likely 7-9 dpo. i got +opk 2/22-2/24. so i'm not 100% sure when i actually ovulated. it sucks that i can't temp because of my crazy hours at work. i'm never sure that i'll get 3 consecutive hours of sleep when i'm on call overnight.) what a surprise - BFN!! and i just found out my cousin & his wife are expecting their 2nd child. they got married a month after we did. *sigh*



  1. Don't be discouraged :(
    it is only 7dpo...if it makes you feel any better, you are not alone :)

  2. Don't want to get your hopes up... but I do know quite a few people who had +OPKs that turned into BFPs! Its early in the game, and you are NOT out!

  3. thanks mrs. newlywed. it does make me feel better that i'm not alone although i wouldn't wish this crazy, emotional roller coaster ride on anyone.

    @heatherlynn, thanks so much for your comment. i'm trying not to get discouraged since i know logically that i tested way too early. i think its just hard seeing everyone's lives more forward while i feel still stuck in limbo. i'm trying to stay positive though and your comment is helping me to do so. :)