when do you want to have a baby?

this is the question my mom asked me over the phone yesterday. we have this agreement, my mom and i, that i call her every sunday. she really looks forward to my call and gets pretty upset with me when i forget or don't make time to call. i know some people talk to their moms everyday. first of all, i'm not much of a phone person to begin with. secondly, i don't have any idea what i would talk to my mom about every day. i love her but my life isn't really that exciting. there's not much to say. i get up, go to work and come home most days. anyways, so sundays i try to remember to call her. most of the time our conversation is brief but it is nice to hear updates from her about what's going on back home. last night for some reason, she asked me about having a baby, more specifically WHEN did i want to have this said baby, as if it were up to me! i gave her my generic answer,"whenever God wants me to have one." but she kept persisting, "so, are you ready now? do you want one now?" i again said, "i don't know mom. we'll have one whenever God wants us to have one." she said, "well, if you're ready now, i'm going to start praying that you get pregnant." and we left it at that.

it's kind of weird sometimes how moms know what you want/need without you saying so. when i abruptly decided to pursue a neonatology fellowship during my third year of residency, i told my mom after i had already lined up 2 interviews. she surprised me by saying, "oh good! i've been praying that you'd want to do neonatal ever since i met this lady on our vacation a few months back what was a neonatal. i'm so happy!" (fyi, my mom is non-medical & speaks with an accent, thus the use of the word "neonatal".) i had not once talked about doing a fellowship, let alone neonatology, with my mom but all this time before i even knew i wanted it, she was praying.

weird, huh?

during our sunday conversation, my mom was at my aunt's house so i didn't tell her how long we've been trying, that we are now on to blood work, tests and more tests. my husband and i decided that we would only tell her about the tests if something were wrong. there's really no point in burdening her with it now. it feels good to know that my mom is praying for us to have a baby. i just hope it doesn't turn into a weekly, "so are you pregnant yet?" question. we'll see.

on another note, below are a couple of pictures of the baby in our lives right now. how could you not love his ugly face?!?

happy tuesday everyone!!


  1. I love the doggy pics! What kind of dog is he/she?

    My mom has been asking me about having kids as soon as hubby and I hit the year 1 mark. I'm in the middle of doing my MBA and working full-time so I keep telling her once I'm done I'll start, but that never stopped her from asking me at least once a week. Hubby and I are TTC but we're in the "whatever happens" phase and like you said, I'd rather not tell her we're trying or anything, because I don't want her to worry, in case it does take a while and in case I need to find alternate solutions. Well good luck with your mom and hope you'll be able to give her good news soon and her prayers will be answered :)

  2. Your dog is absolutely adorable! I talk to my mom probably every 5-6 months and we only live 5 min from each other (we have an odd relationship and are not that close). Anyways...I initally told my dad about my troubles when he was getting persistant on me getting pregnant. My dad is very knowledgable and gets that this will be taking some time, so he stopped with the questioning. My gram unfortunately has not. I did not open up to my mom until after my surgery and I thought that was a bad idea (she tends to gossip and I have a bad feeling due to an email I got). Tell people when you are ready. In either situation be prepared with are you pregnant yet. Especially if your testing becomes more invasive.

    Good luck with everything

  3. AV - he is a boston terrier & we love him to pieces! his name is capone. :)

    Aimee - thanks for sharing your perspective. i think we are definitely still hesitant to open up about ttc but are getting to the point where we're probably going to tell someone soon. its a pretty heavy burden to carry for just the two of us.