i got a call from my ob/gyn today.  my husbands swimmers are good!  :)  so that means so far everything is normal.  all we have left is my progesterone level to check on april 1st.  after that...who knows...

my husband and i talked about it and if everything does come back normal, we'll probably just keep trying or maybe even take a break for a little bit.  i'm really not sure.  i don't think we're quite ready to move onto more invasive measures.  what those would be, i'm really not sure.  for unexplained infertility, i'm really not sure what the next step is/could be.  i guess i'll find out when/if i make a follow up appointment with her. 

at this point i'm just happy that so far, things so far are normal.

i was so excited about our results that i skipped going into the lab to work and instead treated myself to a mani-pedi today.  its finally flip-flops weather where i live & i'm lovin' it!


  1. Yay to a mental health day! Good for you! Great pedi BTW.

  2. KC - thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  3. Flip Flop weather already? So jealous! We had nice weather ONE DAY and now it's back to being cold and rainy!