where do all my comments go?

i know how much i really appreciate little comments that are sometimes left on my blog. it makes my heart smile. :)

so i do make an effort to leave comments on other people's blogs, especially when i start following them. most of the time, i've been finding that my comment will show up briefly for a second and then it disappears. i'm not sure if there is something wrong with my blogger setting, if the blogger chooses not to publish them or if the comment gets thrown into the internet black-hole never to be seen again. i hope that the owners of the blog actually get to read my comment. i really don't care if it gets published or not but i just know how nice it is to get that email that someone else out there is going through a similar situation and can relate to how crazy/upset/sad you're feeling that day. so if i haven't gotten a chance to comment on your blog or it has somehow disappeared, i'm hear routing for you!


  1. Not sure if this is true for everyone else, but for some reason all of your comments go to the spam section. I have tried to disable that so they go right in, but it hasn't worked. I just make sure I check my spam box often, and then I have to click your comment and check 'not spam' for it to show. By the way, thanks for your comments. You're pretty much that only person that ever comments, so I do appreciate it! :)

  2. Check out the link on my blog for "blogging tips" - some of her tips may help you.

  3. M - i bet it is showing up as spam. i don't know how to fix it but at least you get my comments. :) i enjoy reading your blog.

    AV - good tips but nothing about comments. oh well. have a great day!

  4. LOL of course I didn't get your comment - just decided to come back to this blog to see if you responded. I've sent you the specific link to the "comments" tutorial. Your comments section even shows up different than mine. Something Jenni (from the blog) suggested was replying directly to email for a comment she received- because not everyone "subscribes by email" to the comments section (I normally forget).

    Good Luck!

  5. I just got my first email from my blog today so I know what you are talking about. I like the blog. Keep it up. I like your thoughts.

  6. thanks for your comment breakfast! i did leave a comment on your page just now. but of course it disappeared. thanks for stopping by! :)