permission to hope

today, i'm giving myself permission to hope.

while i will probably hate myself later on if this isn't our cycle, i know i have to allow myself to hope. 


  1. I'd rather hope even if it ends is disappointment than to sit there and despise my uterus the entire time.

    We need to hope. So I'm hoping with you.

  2. thanks tami! i'm also trying not to hate my uterus all the time, just sometimes. :)

  3. I love the word hope. One of my youngest sisters was born 18 years ago at 1pound 6 ounces. She was given little chance of survival. Today, she is a very healthy, beautiful, smart, young lady. Her middle name is Hope. :) I think we need something to look forward to each month, and I too agree with Tami! I'd rather have 2 weeks of hope, not 4 weeks of sadness. Good luck this cycle!!!